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Wet grass

How to play

With so many variations available, the HKCA focuses on hosting tournaments in two formats; Golf and Association Croquet. Events that we host expose golf to the wider public as it is easier to pick up and starting off is far more enjoyable for all!

Golf Croquet

Golf Croquet has gained popularity for its ease of introduction to new players and quick assimilation of the basic concepts and skills required to start playing. As players improve their shooting skills and develop advanced tactics, the game offers an endless array of challenges and competitions that cater to a wide range of age groups and skill levels. One of the distinguishing features that sets Golf Croquet apart from other versions of the game is its continuous play, with each player taking one turn at a time. This feature creates an environment of great interaction among players, whether they are engaged in a casual social game at their local club or a strategic international competition. To gain a better understanding of the game, one can read a brief overview or consult the official rules of Golf Croquet.

Association Croquet

Association Croquet is a widely recognized sport played globally, and is a common fixture in international tournaments. The game is particularly popular in countries known for their affinity for croquet, such as Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland, South Africa, Egypt, and various European nations. To learn more about Association Croquet, you may choose to read a brief overview or refer to the official rules.

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